Friday, June 18, 2010


New York Mets Record: 38-28

Current Streak: W7 (SDG,BAL, and CLE)

On May 17,about a month ago, The New York Mets were as lowly as ever. They were last in the East,could not win games, and were becoming the messy Mets. Their pitching was terrible,as was our batting. David Wright wasn't doing anything Wright, as he was the leader in the NL in strikeouts. John Maine and Oliver Perez were terrible as advertised. But The Mets have proved that a month can change a team. As They've done It dramatically. New York has been Hot, (23-6 since May 21) 2nd in the East, Can win games on the road and at home. Pitching has come together,as additions R.A. Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi to the rotation with the fantastic Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey and newlyfound One-Hit Wonder Jonathan Niese. David Wright has become hot,with 40+ RBI and 12 HR's on the year. And John Maine and Oliver Perez have suddenly, almost fallen off the face of the Earth. But The Mets, still had one more game Vs the Cleveland Indians before going to the Bronx for The Subway Series. Here We Go to Progressive Field. Quickly, The Mets were already in the Run column, as Jake Westbrook watched Jose Reyes trot on to home plate after an Ike Davis Single. But The mets weren't done. With Angel Pagan on 3rd, Jeff Francoeur hit a lonnnng Fly ball to Austin Kearns. Austin catches it routinely but can't get Angel Out as he scores 2-0 Mets. Than, Henry Blanco slapped one into the hole and got himself a RBI as Ike Davis scored. 3-0 Mets after the Top of the 1st. In The Second, The Indians got an arrow into the Mets lead as Jonny Peralta got a Single and Travis Hafner scored. 3-1 Mets. Then In the the 3rd, the arrow got a little deeper As young Ruben Tejada made a rookie mistake and let Shin-Soo Choo score on an Error. 3-2 Mets. The Mets responded as David Wright grouded one to second and Jesus Feliciano scored. 4-2 Mets. Right after Wright, Ike came up. Ike got another RBI single, pushing the Mets' lead to 5-2. In the 5th, Travis Hafner again grounded one to Ruben Tejada,Ruben got him out but Shin-Soo Choo scored. 5-3 Mets. In the 7th, with sidearmer Pedro Feliciano on the Mound,Hafner grounded one to Jose at short, and Rookie Carlos Santana scored. 5-4 Mets. Jose next did a little something of his own. He tripled off the wall in right, scoring Ruben Tejada and getting a HUGE Insurance Run. Elmer Dessens and K-Rod shut down the Indians attack,and getting the Mets their 7th straight. Opinion: With Two HUGE road sweeps,We head to the Bronx. We need to get one or 2 from the yanks and then head to Citi 40-29 at least. Stats: Reyes: 3-5,1B,FO,2B,GO,3B,RBI,2 Runs Pagan: 2-4,1B,1B, Intentional Walk, FO,GO Wright: 1-5 SOS,PO,FC,RBI,LO,1B,went to third base on error by R. Branyan Davis: 2-5,1B,RBI,Foul Out,1B,RBI,SOS,SOL Francoeur: 0-4 Sac. Fly,RBI,SOS,PO,GO,GO Carter: 2-5 1B,GO,1B,PO,GO Blanco: 1B,RBI,SOS,LO,SOS 1-4 Feliciano: 1-3 1B,W,Foul Out,GO Tejada: 2-3, 1B,Sac.Bunt,SOS,1B