Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Driven Wright out of New York?:Part 1

A source close to the Mets says that the Mets will probably finish this year with Jose Reyes and David Wright. That's the good news. The Bad news is that the Mets, in order to re-sign Mr. Electric, might have to trade slugger and norfolk-native David Wright at the end of the year. Jose Reyes will probably be the most coveted player before the trade deadline, which is July 31. Reyes as established himself that way this year, as he is leading the N.L in hits, stolen bases, and multi-hit games. David Wright has been hurt with a stress fracture in his back the last 2 weeks. Both have played in New York Mets uniforms their whole career. But the source says that the Mets will probably keep both of them except if they get a good deal for Reyes before the Trade Deadline. I would LOVE to see both of these guys back in Mets uniforms next year because they are the heart (Wright) and soul (Reyes) of this team. I will set up a poll and you guys give me your opinions. But the question still remains: Will David Wright be Driven Wright out of New York? Also the source said that Sandy Alderson could trade Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod), if it means keeping Reyes long-term