Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dingers Dope Dickey

New York Mets Record: 47-39

Current Streak: L2
The second-place New York Mets had to start a CRUCIAL 3-game series vs The very-hot-and-first-place Atlanta Braves. This Series was crucial because it could eiether make it a 3-team race in the NL East or a two-team race in the NL East. R.A. Dickey took the mound for the metros,as did Tommy Hanson for the Braves. But Lets go see what happened to these two pitchers. In the 1st, Troy Glaus came up with runners on the corners. Troy hits one very softly to Jose at Short, but Jose can't handle it! Melky Cabrera come into score to give the Braves a 1-0 lead. But In the 3rd,the Mets countered. David Wright came up with Runners on 2nd and 3rd. Wright did something "The Wright Way" and got the Sacrifice fly to tie the game up at 1. The surging Braves came back in the 5th, when Troy Glaus hit a single to Right Field to Jeff "Frenchy" Francoeur. Jeff saw that Brain Mcann was rounding 2nd and used his arm to get him out at third! But Omar Infante scored before the tag,which meant the run counted. 2-1 Braves. In the bottom half of the inning, Jose came up with R.A. Dickey at 2nd. Jose has been having to bat righty,vs RHP's which is causing him a hard time. But Jose looked like his old self when drove a line drive right over Eric Hinske head, driving in Dickey to tie it up at 2. In the 7th Inning, with 2 outs, Melky Cabrera came up. Melky hit the ball deep to the PEPSI sign for a Home run. 3-2 Braves. Next came All-Star Omar Infante. Omar drove one in the opposite way Melky did,but out of it came the same result. Home Run. 4-2 Braves. Those two blasts off R.A.became the deciding blows of the game,as the Braves take the first game from the Metros,4-2. Opinion: THESE NEXT TWO GAMES ARE MUST-WINS FOR US. Because with the Phils on our tails we need to win some games vs the Surging Braves. HR Meter: Cabrera: (3(39)) Infante: (2(39))