Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pitchy Pelfrey

New York Mets Record: 52-51

Current Streak: L1

Mike Pelfrey started the season on a roll. He had 9 wins,1 loss and was on pace for 20 or more wins. Since then It's gone all downhill for Pelfrey. he's been 1-5 since that amazing start, and he has let up early runs in the 1st Inning. He looked to change his fortunes vs The Arizona Diamondbacks. Although his last outings with the D-Backs wasn't so good. 12 days ago, When Pelf faced the D-Backs,he only pitched 1 and 1/3 innings,letting up 7 runs,6 of which were let up in the 1st inning. So Pelfrey was looking to REALLY change his fortunes. In the 1st inning, It was more early trouble as Adam Laroche singled to Left, scoring Kelly Johnson. 1-0 D-Backs. It didn't get better from here on out. What happened Next was Miguel Montero,Montero was coming off a really good night vs The Phillies,started it out the same way here. Montero also singled to left,scoring Justin Upton. 2-0 D-Backs Top 1st. Next Batter was Mark Reynolds,HE singled into SHALLOW left field,scoring the one who started the rally, Adam Laroche. 3-0 D-backs Top 1st. Pelf then stopped the bleeding with a flie out. after a Reyes single and Castillo single and Pagan Popout,David Wright came up. Wright has been swinging a cold bat lately,but showed some sparks in the last series vs the Cards,but still didn't get a Long bomb. Wright came up and smacked one into Left,a high drive going, going, over the big wall Gone! With one swing of the bat the Mets tied it up. 3-3 tied Bottom of 1st. In the 3rd Inning,Stephen Drew came up with Miguel Montero on 2nd, Drew doubled to Deep center field (you know how big Citi's Center field is!) And Montero scored from 2nd and scored. 4-3 D-Backs Top 3rd. In the Bottom half of the Inning, David Wright came up for his second time. Wright again made good contact with the ball and it went DEEP AND DEEP and finally fell next to the Apple for a 2-Run Shot. Wright's second of the game! 5-4 Mets Bot. 3rd. In the 6th, Kelly Johnson came up. Johnson smashed one to center like Wright did earlier. And it had the SAME EXACT RESULT. 2-Run Shot. 6-5 D-Backs Top 6th. Miguel Montero,who has already had a big day already,hit one to Right, it went high and long. going,going Frenchy looks up and watches it bounce off the Subway sign for a 3-Run Shot. 9-5 D-Backs Top 6th. In the 7th, trying to give the Mets some hope, Angel Pagan came up. he smacked one through the hole and brought Reyes around to score 9-6 D-Backs Bot. 7th. But Chad Qualls and other D-Back relievers shut down the Metros for the rest of the game. Final: 9-6 D-Backs. Opinion: If we wanna catch the Phils aand run away from the Fish, we need to start beating this last-place team. THEY HAVE 38 WINS! come on guys! we can't collapse! sstart doing what you did when you were 11 games over .500! PLEASE! WIN! HR Meter: Wright: (16,17(156,157)) Johnson: (17(62)) Montero: (4(35))