Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1st Quarter Awards

Believe it or not, The 1st Quarter of this somewhat beautiful 2012 season is already over. There has been bright spots, dark spots, and surprises out of the blur. Here are the awards:
MVP: David Wright. Easy choice for this award. The face of the franchise has been making big hits, great defensive plays, and helping his teammates all through out the year. He also leads the NL in Batting Average with an amazing .415.
Silver Slugger: Lucas Duda. Even though not the leader on the team in HR's (his name will show up later), Lucas has benefited greatly from the moved in Citi Field walls. He has 4 HR's so far, with at least 1 that would not have been a Homer if not for the moved in fences.
Cy Young: R.A Dickey. The resilient knuckleballer is the most that jumps out at you on the rotation so far into the year. Even with his knuckleball, he has a 5-1 record and an ERA just over 3. He has given up a lot of longballs this year, but he hasn't let that phase him. Nothing phases him.
Rookie of The Year: Kirk Nieuwenhuis. I might have spelled that last name wrong. Kirk, callled up after Andres Torres strained his calf on Opening Day, has been the catalyst of this Mets team. Everything about him in the big leagues is astounding for a rookie, hitting, speed, defensively. He can do it all and probably should have been called up sooner.
Best Newcomer: Jon Rauch. You might be surprised that i'm giving this award to a pitcher. Rauch has deserved it though. Rauch did not give up his first run in a Met uniform until his 7th apparance, ever since then, Rauch has been somewhat shaky, but still is the most consistent in our horrible bullpen.
Biggest Dissapointment: Our Bullpen/ Ike Davis. Bullpen first. The Bullpen has blown so many well pitched games by our starters, late game leads, and its arms. Without their inconsistency, we could easily be contending for 1st in our division, not 3rd. On to Ike. Ike, even though the team Leader in Homers, Ike's average is a horrific .160. Whenever in a big, potential game changing situation, Ike can't come through with that big swing of his.
Biggest Surprise: Terry Collins managing Injuries. Collins, our manager, gets the award here because of his fantastic fishing through our farm system and backup players to find replacement for Injured players (jason Bay, Ruben Tejada, Josh Thole) and replacing them with no-name but talanted players (Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Ronny Cedeno, Rob Johnson and Jordany Valdespin).
R.I.P Gary "The Kid" Carter #8. Never Forget Jose Reyes.