Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Geelicious and Turning it Up

Dillion Gee Monday night tied a Mets rookie record, going 5-0 to start the season. Gee threw a gem against the Pittsburgh Pirates, who still haven't won a game at Citi Field. Gee also threw a career high 8 strikeouts. But after giving up a 2-run bomb to Chris Snyder in the 2nd on a hanging slider, the Mets Rookie didnt throw one more. Gee has gone back and forth fromn the rotation to the bullpen this whole year, But in His 5 starts, he has gone past the 5-inning mark. Another surprise rookie for the Mets this year has been Justin Turner. Turner has gone streaks of RBI games, 7 games (Mets Rookie record) and 6 once. He has really helped with the concern at second base and with David Wright out of the lineup, he has been tremendous at 3rd base. In other news, Angel Pagan will be in the leadoff spot Tuesday night.