Monday, July 26, 2010

Loney In New York

New York Mets: 50-48

Current Streak: L1

The New York Mets have proved this year that "there's no place like home" The Mets,who have been in a a season-long 11 game road trip vs the Giants,Dodgers and the Diamondbacks. They've proved their "saying" even more. Coming into the 10th game of the 11-game trip,the Mets were 2-7 on the trip and have fallen to third in the East. But they were hoping their fortunes would change against the Los Angeles Dodgers,who they beat the previous night. Off to the Races,Xavier Paul,the second batter of the GAME,got a Sacrifice Fly to drive in speedy leadoff hitter Rafael Furcal. 1-0 Dodgers. But the Big Blue struck again in the 4th, when starter,Mike Pelfrey was in a jam. The catcher who's been on the DL for most of the year Brad Ausmus came up. He slapped one up the middle and Blake DeWitt scored. But the Mets were not going to be shut out again. Rod Barajas made that happen when he got a single to Deep left center field (on the play,Rod was trying to stretch it to 2 bases but strained his oblique,Henry Blanco took his place.) and ike Davis scored 2-1 Blue. Next,Jose came up in a big spot. He slapped one through the hole and Jason Bay scored. 2-2 tied. the score would stay that way until we had to play a little extra baseball. In the 12th Inning,Reliever Elmer Dessens got in a big jam. Letting up two hits to make it men on the corners,NO outs. Elmer stayed composed when he got a ground ball right back to him,looked Casey Blake back to third and threw to first for the out. Jerry came out and decided to put in former starter Oliver Perez in. Oli got Andre Ethier to Foul Out,and then Jamey Carroll to ground out to keep the Mets chances alive. But the Mets could'nt do anything to help Oli's cause. Oli then in the bottom half got Matt Kemp to flie out. Then came James Loney, Loney coming into this game had not had a walk-off Home Run in his career. Loney Drove one high in the air...going...going.Beltran gives chase but he watches it go over wall! Dodgers Win. Opinion: with us sliding in this road trip we just need to go home a win some valuble games if we wanna make the playoffs. And we need to get more hits and less strikeouts in the box. It was very Loney in New York. (Lonely)