Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Runs and Controversy

New York Mets Record: 46-37

Current Streak: L1
There are some things in a baseball game that well...make a baseball game! One of those things is Controversy. Evan though most of us don't like it,it makes the whole game better (or sometimes worse). The other thing is Home Runs. Homers are one of the beauties in a baseball game. Just seeing these hitters like Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder make your jaw drop when they hit the ball into the stands. But lets stop talking about it and get to the game! The Mets were facing the NL Central leading Cincinatti Reds in a start to a three-game series. In a Flash, Mike Pelfrey had two outs in the top of the first when wannabe All-Star snub Joey Votto came up to the plate. on the second pitch, Votto got contact. and Pagan chased and chased and chased but when he looked up the ball was in the bleachers. 1-0 Mets. But the Mets didn't take that quietly as hot Jason Bay came uup and smacked one through the hole and David Wright scored. 1-1 Mets. Things stayed quiet until the 5th, where one more piece of baseball came into play. Pelf pitched the 2-2 pitch to Scott Rolen, and Scott check swung, but after he check swung, he headed towards 1st. But the Umpire stopped and called it a strikeout. But Rolen said the pitch hit his forearm. The men in blue got together and talked it over,a finally decided that Rolen got hit and with the bases juiced,Brandon Phillips scored. 2-1. Manuel just exploded after he heard the call. EXPLODED. He was pleaing his case as were David Wright and Rod Barajas. After a few minutes of Screaming, Manuel got ejected by 2nd base ump Dan Igganota. After that, Drew Stubbs knocked one through the glove of Ruben Tejada and two more Runs scored. 4-1 Reds Next Corky Miller got a double off Pelf which scored 2 MORE Runs. 6-1 Reds.Then the Rookie Pitcher Travis Wood came up. Travis knocked one deeep into center and Angel could not track it down until Travis got a Triple and his first Major League RBI. 7-1 Reds. After that, Angel came up in the bottom half of the Inning. Angel led off the Inning with a big bang as he rounded the bases for his 20th Career Home Run. 7-2 Reds. After a Wright Triple, The Franchise came up. He grounded one back to the Rookie pitcher but he bobbled it and Ike's last stride was enough to make him safe at first with a RBI. 7-3 Reds. Rod Barajas next got a single into very shallow left, scoring The Franchise. 7-4 Reds. But we were not done yet. Alex Cora came up and knocked one into the right center gap for a 2-run double. 7-6 Reds. Then In the 6th, Joey drived another one deep, deep,and Gone again! 8-6 Reds. The Mets could not come over the deficit and lost 8-6 Final. Opinion: This game was very intense. If we could Win this Series then we'll be good!