Sunday, July 10, 2011

What If...?

Life is full of "What Ifs?". Sometime we ask ourselves "what if" this and "what if" that when in reality, it does not do a thing to think about those things. But in the next few segments of this post I'm gonna reflect on the "what ifs" of the Mets season so far through 90 games.
What If David Wright hadn't dove to make that tag on Carlos Lee on April 19, we could have lost that game, but we would not have lost the face of the franchise for 40+ games. What If Ike Davis hadn't gone in to catch that pop-up and let David catch it and did not sprain his ankle. What If Jose Reyes didn't run so hard down the 1st base line (though i can't blame him) and strained his hamstring, he would have 123 hits on the year, but we would have won more games. If you put all of these What Ifs together, it all comes out to one conclusion, a contending baseball team. The Mets have 5 key players out right now (David Wright, Ike Davis, Jose Reyes, Johan Santana, Chris Young) and if we had all these player, we could be contending in our division. But Terry Collins has pulled all of his young guns out of his pocket and has pushed our team over .500.
Pray for Gary "The Kid" Carter #8.