Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chants, Injuries, Tumors, and Crazy 8ths: Defining the crazy Mets Season 2011

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Chants: Crazy. That is what defines the Mets season so far this year. It got evan crazier Friday. During the 5th inning of Friday's game vs the Braves and after a leadoff triple by Jose Reyes, people in the stands started chanting: "Keep Jose!" "Keep Jose!" "Don't trade Rey-es" "Don't trade Rey-es" As Jose put on another exciting show Friday, with the exception of the 8th Inning. Reyes committed a E-6 on Alex Gonzalez's routine grounder went under his glove, and allowed the tying run, Dan Uggla, score. "They want me [here]" said Reyes, " But right now, my mind is on the tough loss today. We had the game all the way until the eighth and we let it go away. I needed to make that play. Mistakes are part of the game, but hopefully they don't happen again." Reyes had two facts in that sentence. The first is "we had it until the eighth and we let it go". The Mets have lost 6 straight home games when leading into the 7th Inning or later. The second is "mistakes are apart of the game" Reyes has had two routine groundballs go under his glove in his last 3 games.
Injuries: David Wright went to the doctor Friday to see if he could resume baseball activities. Wright has not played since May 15 with a stress fracture in his lower back. It looks like he wont be playing anytime soon. Dr. Patrick O'Leary said that Wright can ONLY do core exercises for 3 weeks. This means that Wright will not come back AT LEAST until mid-July. Another big bopper for the Mets who has been out for a long time is Ike Davis. Davis found out May 31 that he would have to wear a boot for 3 more weeks because his bone bruise in his left ankle has not healed. GM Sandy Alderson hopes that both of these guys will be back before the All-Star Break.
Tumors: Gary" The Kid" Carter has multiple brain tumors, and has glioblastoma according to Duke University doctors.On Monday, Carter is expected to start a treatment that includes 6 1/2 weeks of radiation and 1 year of chemotherapy. Please Pray for The Kid as He helped lead us to the 1986 World Series. Anyone interested sending wishes to Gary Carter, send a letter to this address
The Gary Carter Foundation
580 Village Blvd.
Suite 315
West Palm Beach Florida, 33409
Crazy 8ths: As I said earlier, the Mets have lost six straight home games when leading in the 7th Inning or later, here are the game Before and after (Courtesy of
May 16 VS. Marlins Led 1-0,7th, Lost 2-1 in 11
May 27 VS. Phillies Led 3-2, 8th,lost 6-4
May 28 VS. Phillies Led 2-1, 8th, Lost 5-2
May 31 VS Pirates Led 1-0, 8th, Lost 5-1
June 1 VS Pirtates Led 2-0, 7th, Lost 9-3
Friday VS Braves Led 3-1, 8th, Lost 6-3

Pray for Gary "The Kid" Carter #8.