Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hudson's Hazeballs: Part 2

New York Mets Record: 53-53

Standings: 4th in NL East (1/2 game behind Florida)

Current Streak: L1
The New York Mets have had a up and down 2010. One Minute were winning games like a team and then another minute were getting swept by the Diamondbacks! Still hoping they can make it in the playoffs and save their managers job,The Mets haven't done anything to make that dream happen. Its like a vacuum swooped over Flushing and sucked all the life out of this team. With a six game road trip vs the Braves and the Phillies, the Mets need to win four out of six in this road swing. The pitchers duel was set. Johan Santana Vs Tim Hudson in the first game of the swing,But the Mets last outings with eiether one of these pitchers on the mound were not good ones. In Tim Hudson's Last start Vs the Mets,Tim looked like a 4-time Cy Young Award Winner and 2-time MVP. In Johan's last start,he gave up 6 runs in the first inning to the Cardinals,in a game which the Mets came back only to lose in extras. So this eiether redemption night for the Mets,or slaying time for the Braves. In The First,Johan was in another jam just like his last outing,and almost the same thing happened. he let up a Matt Diaz double to bring in All-Star Omar Infante. 1-0 Braves. Then newcomer Rick Ankiel came up for the Braves,smacked one through the hole to bring in two more runs. 3-0 Braves.In The 5th,Carlos Beltran came up. He looked like his old self smacking one into right field for a RBI double. 3-1 Braves. But In the 7th, Future Hall Of Famer Chipper Jones came up. Chipper knocked one into center. Back. Back. Back. GONE! Solo Shot for Chipper. 4-1 Braves. Billy Wagner and co. set down the Mets to win round two of "Hudson's Hazeballs". Opinion: WE NEED TO WIN FOUR OUT OF SIX IN THIS ROAD SPIN. If we don't then we are done. we just do this every stinken single year and its tiring. HR Meter: Jones: (8(434(T-37th on All-time List)))