Saturday, July 3, 2010

Unlikely Sights

New York Mets 45-35
Current Streak: W1
There were some unlikely Sights in Nationals Park on Friday. As the Mets and Nationals warmed up, there was tension in the air. As the tension settled,i'll show you what happened. In the 1st, with Ruben Tejada on 3rd and Wright on 1st,Ike "The Franchise" Davis came up. The Franchise knocked an easy ground ball to Christain Guzman at second. Guzman bobbles it and just gets Ike out at first while Ruben comes into score. 1-0 Metros. But the game really got broke open in the fourth inning. It all started with a Wright Way Double. Then,Ike AND Jason Bay got walked bases loaded for starter Luis Atilano. Then Rod Barajas flied out to shallow center,no run scores. Then Gunner Jeff Francoeur Lined out hard to Rookie Ian Desmond. Then came Alex Cora, the guy with a .139 avg and 0 Grand Slams with the bases loaded coming into Friday. That changed dramatically. Cora hits a high fly ball...back goes Morse....he has it! No! in and out of the glove of Mike Morse off the wall and Cora will get a Base clearing 3- Run Triple! 4-0 Mets. Then comes the pitcher Jonathan Niese. Niese pulls right down the shall left field line and hustles to get a Double. 5-0 Metros. Pitching took over after the big inning, as Jonathan Niese had a career night. He struck out a career-high 8 batters and only let 1 Earned run. That Earned Run came in the 7th when he let a Hammer Bomb. In other words, a Home Run by Josh "The Hammer" Willingham. 5-1 Mets.But the Tension grew in the bottom of the 9th, when the Nats got 2 runs to make it 5-3 with men on 1st and second. But Roger Bernadina just took his lead a little to far and K-Rod noticed turned around like a cheetah and got Bernadina picked-off for the last out of the game. And the Mets frowns from yesterday turned into smiles as the got their 45th win of the year. Stats: Pagan: 1-5 GO,FO,SOS,1B,SB,SO on Check Swing Tejada: 0-4, HBP,SOL,GO,FO,GO Wright: 3-5,1B,2B,1B,SOS,GO Davis: 0-2, FC,W,FO,SO on Check Swing. Bay: 0-3 SOS,W,FO,GO Barajas:0-4,PO,FO,FO,FO Francoeur:2-4, SOS,LO,1B,1B Cora: 2-4, GO,3B,3RBI,FO,INF1B Niese: 1-3, SOL,2B,1 RBI, GO PH Carter: 0-1, SOL