Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Going, Going, Gone?

Over this whole rollercoaster year for the Mets on the field, there has been a lot of speculation of selling off the field. At the start of the year, Jose Reyes was the topic of these trade rumors so to speak. Next, came the nasty Fred Wilpon Comments on Jose Reyes and David Wright. Then, some people thought that we might trade the long-time face-of-the-franchise David Wright in order to keep Jose. When that died down, We traded Francisco Rodriguez to the Brewers for two minor league prospects over the All-star break. Then, the latest edition of this saga is that we have put up white flags because of that K-rod trade, SO that meant that th next person probably to go is Carlos Beltran, reports say that the Red Sox, Pirates, and Giants are interested if we put him on the market. Back to Jose: We have started secret negotiations with Jose in order to get a deal done that will let him stay in New york.

Pray for Gary "The Kid" Carter #8.