Friday, July 13, 2012

Mid-Season Awards

This is the the 2nd of the 4 editions that I will have of awards this year (1st Quarter, Mid-Season, 3rd Quarter, End of Year, and then Playoffs if we make it.) I hope to show you that over the course of just 40.5 games each part of the year, awards will change and stay the same.

MVP: David Wright Previous Winner: David Wright. This award stays with David through the mid point of the year because he has ignited the flame in this offense that has led us to be 6 games over .500 and in contention for the playoffs. He still has a startling .351 average (3rd in the NL) and is tied for the team lead in Homers with 12. Also, hes not too shabby in the RBI department either, where he has 59 of them which is 5th in the NL.
Silver Slugger: Scott Hairston. Previous Winner: Lucas Duda. I give the mid-season award to Hairston because, even though he is not a regular starter, he makes the most of his opportunities. He his 12 Homeruns which is tied with the team lead (Duda only has 11). What is more surprising about Hairston is, if you look at his splits this year against Righties and Lefties, it almost looks as if 2 totally different people were batting. He has a average in the .340s, 11 Homers, and 90 percent of his RBI's against Lefties. Against Righties, Hairston only has a average in the .160s, 1 Homer, and only 10 percent of his RBIs.
Cy Young: R.A Dickey Previous Winner: R.A Dickey. Dickey has almost locked up this award all year if he keeps at his pace. He has an active win streak of 11 consecutive wins, and went for a stretch of 44 2/3 innings without surrendering a earned run. Dickey is tied for the NL league in wins, 2nd in strikeouts, and is stifling more and more batters with his dancing knuckleball each time he starts. Dickey is 12-1 at the Mid-point, What will we be saying by the end of the year? 24-2?
Rookie of The Year: Jordany Valdespin Previous Winner: Kirk Nieuwenhuis This award would have still been Kirk's if it wasn't for his recent slump that he's been in. As for the current winner, 'Spinsanity as I call him, has been clutch in every way possible. Now, his fielding skills might be real crummy, but 'Spin has made up for that by hitting late game Homers (may 7), and showing us his legs. This is my Award To Watch though in the 2nd half because with Dillion Gee being out indefinitely, maybe some rookie pitchers could change my mind.
Best Newcomer: Andres Torres Previous Winner: Jon Rauch Torres, even with his low .200s batting average, still wins the award because he has saved many catches with his glove, stole some bases with his legs, and drawn a lot of walks. Take This: Even with his low .200s batting average, Torres still has an On-Base Percentage up in the .340s. That just shows how many walks he has drawn. Rauch, on the other hand, has dropped to rock bottom, and has caught the Bad Pitching disease from the other bullpen members (Probably caught it from Frank Francisco)
Biggest Disappointment: Our Bullpen Previous Winner: Our Bullpen/Ike Davis. Ike's performance in June got him off the hook for this award, but Our bullpen could not seem to get off it with him. Our bull pen has a combined ERA in the 6.50s, largest in the league by at least 1.00. Now, I'm not trying to say anything good about our bullpen, but with the trade deadline approaching, The Mets are seeking bullpen help from other sources. This could lighten up some of the anxiety that i have every 7th inning when that big metal door in Citi Field creaks open, letting someone out to the real mound.
Biggest Surprise: Ike's Turnaround Previous Winner: Terry Collins managing Injuries. Ike wins the award here for his stellar performance since June 1. Ike has gone from a .160 average to a average just over .210. He has found his power, getting 7 Homers since June, and is once again tied for the team lead. Ike has helped himself out too, by not swinging at pitching 2 feet off the plate, and watching them go by. Ike should continue to improve.
R.I.P Gary "The Kid" Carter #8. Never Forget Jose Reyes.

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